Multistreaming, your Influence Everywhere!

Multistreaming to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, Twitch and others platforms simultaneously.

Loved by leading organizations from Entrepreneurs to the Corporates.

Host a broadcast and interview stream participants to create more engagement.

Up To 12 Participants In The Stream

Easy to use:

  • Any browser
  • Any Device with webcam or mic
  • No need downloads

Connect your profiles

Live stream or distribute on-demand to Instagram Live, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, Twitch, and more. With one click, simulcast content across unlimited platforms.

Social Media and other RTMP connections:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook 
  • Youtube
  • Mixer
  • Twitch
  • Custom RTMP

Select your webcam or video and Go LIVE!

Ciclano allows you to create a huge audience in a few clicks. Integrates all the social networks, profiles, and partners can connect over 50 networks at the same time.

Premium Broadcast:

  • Use professional encoder or your browser
  • HD Quality
  • Live or On-demand

Reactions, Comments and Views on one screen

Forget tab switching. Read & reply to messages from multiple streaming platforms on one screen.

Easy to engage:

  • Comments 
  • Views 
  • Channels

Free up more time for yourself

Take a break or focus on creating great videos while your recorded live streams entertain your fans. 

Simple, flat-rate pricing

Simple, cost-effective pricing, with options for everyone. Stream flawless video everywhere, live or on-demand—thanks to our powerful video platform beloved by thousands of users.


Better for beginners

  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • Live Streaming
  • On-demand Schedule
  • 3 Channels
  • Chat Support
  • 5MB Max Bitrate/Quality
  • 5GB Storage Disk


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Welcome to The Professional

  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • Live Streaming
  • On-demand Schedule
  • 6 Channels
  • Chat Support, Remote Support
  • 10MB Max Bitrate/Quality
  • 10GB Storage Disk



Premium Streaming.

  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • Live Streaming
  • On-demand Schedule
  • 12 Channels
  • Chat Support, Remote Support, Manager of account
  • 15MB Max Bitrate/Quality
  • 15GB Storage Disk


Features included in all plans:

Video Scheduling


Video Conference

Player Embed/Script


Other Premium features with


Live Events

Live stream to millions. Whether you're serving a few dozen streams or a few million, we grow with you. We handle scaling so you don't have to. Quote now!


Streaming Radio

Ensure your listeners have a great connection no matter where they are in the world with our reliable content delivery network. Broadcast in MP3 or AAC format with a secondary mobile-optimized stream. High-quality audio for non-mobile streams available with Ciclano.


Streaming TV & WebTV

Built for every industry

Media creators and Broadcast Stations all over the world trust Ciclano for their video business growth.


On-demand Broadcast

Upload your video content into our platform and start streaming your content across the globe.


API Broadcast

Create your app or solution using

Trusted by over 10,000 active customers around the world

Boost your audience with Ciclano broadcasting!