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Broadcast Solutions

For all your streaming needs, everything is easy to use and customize with Ciclano.

Radio Streaming

For all your audio needs

Ciclano Platform

The most comprehensive platform in the world.

Video Streaming

Live or On-demand.

CDN Broadcast

For 5 million or more accesses.

Video Converter
Playlist Generator
Download Youtube
Facebook Player
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Lead Capture
Live Record
Exclusive Platform
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HTML5 Player

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Whoever said that it wasn’t possible to be in more than one place at once?

Be simultaneously present in all your social media networks with Ciclano.

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When you’re talking about streaming, Ciclano offers the best solutions for big and small operations alike.

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Band FMWilmar Oliveira

Ciclano numbers

Lives p/Day

User p/Hour


Streaming for Events

We create plans that fit your demand.

Events Silver

  • 1000 Simultaneous Access
  • Availability p/day.
  • Record Live Stream
  • 2048kbps
  • Transcoder
Events Gold

  • 4000 Simultaneous Access
  • Availability p/day.
  • Record Live Stream
  • HD Quality
  • Transcoder
Events Diamond

  • 10000 Simultaneous Access
  • Availability p/day.
  • Record Live Stream
  • HD Quality
  • Transcoder

FAQ / common issues

How do i pay?

  • Paypal

How long to activate my account?

After your first payment or register order.

Do I need to pay anything to test the service?

Not all tests are free of cost.

What is the limitation of the test?

Trial Limit: 5 Users  and 1GB of Storage.

Where are the servers of the Ciclano?

In the cloud Microsoft Azure and Amazon. And the best datacenters on some projects.

Does Ciclano Back Up Streaming?

Sure! But, not monitor your content.